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Lodging Contract:


In the case of bungalows, the crockery must be delivered clean for its inventory of what

Otherwise, $300.00 pesos will be charged.

The use of horns in the hotel is strictly prohibited.

It is strictly forbidden to cook in the hotel rooms (they do not have a kitchen).

The rent expires at 12:00 pm after that time the rent of one more night will be charged.

Any missing or broken furniture, kitchen utensils, or stained towels, sheets and whites in general, etc. must be paid.

The rooms and facilities are for the exclusive use of guests, visitors must register at the time of arrival at the administration for authorization and payment of the corresponding fee.

The use of the bracelets allows us to provide you with a better service, so all our guests must keep it from the moment of registration until the date of departure, which will have to be returned to the reception.

The pool and wading pool are in service from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm local time, requiring the use of a bathing suit only. children must be accompanied by an adult.

The maximum speed of vehicles is 5 km per hour, bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, skates, etc. they are forbidden.

Pets are not allowed.

It is mandatory to keep the volume of your radio or television low inside your room.

For your well-being and rest and that of the other guests, please remain silent after 9:00 pm (21 hours).

The patio facing the sea is reserved exclusively for social activities and all kinds of sports activities are prohibited.

The use of extension cords in the hotel is strictly prohibited.

We ask you to help us conserve natural resources such as: water, gas, electricity, by turning off the keys and turning off air conditioners, fans and lights when you leave your room.

The company is not responsible for valuables left in the rooms or in their vehicles.

Parking is free for one vehicle per room, the company is not responsible for theft or damage to it. the visitor's vehicle must be parked outside our facilities.

The use of towels and chairs is exclusive within the room, it is forbidden to remove them.

In case of scandal or violation of this regulation, support will be requested from the corresponding authorities  to demand immediate vacancy without the right to return.

We reserve the right of admission.

Cancellation or early departure of any occupation or room loses 100% of your payment.

The change of sheets is every third day, there will be an extra charge for additional changes of sheets.

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