Our Hotel
Reservation Policy:
In order to guarantee your reservation it is required an advance deposit made within the mentioned amount & period, the Hotel will emit your confirmation, either through an email, fax or phone call.

Extra person Policy:
All visitors must register at the front desk.

Charge is 200.00 pesos from the fourth person (including children) in the same room. Children from 5 years will be charged as an adult.

Check In Time: 3:00 p.m.
Check Out Time: 12:00 p.m.
• On your check out day, If you like, you may make use of the facilities on for a fee of $ 100.00
pesos per person.

Using bracelets
For privacy and security, all clients must wear a bracelet that will be provided at the reception
upon arrival, this will identify you as a hotel guest.

Sorry, there are no pets allowed in the hotel.

You, the guest, shall be solely responsible for asking all questions and concerns you have about
the hotel, its services, facilities, policies and conditions prior to booking.

We are not responsible for omitted information that has not been asked or clarified by the guest
and which somehow can disturb your stay, such as, but not limited to how the use of bracelets,
hours of check in and checkout times, general regulations, parking conditions, fees and terms of
visitors, general or specific facilities in each room, among others.

Credit cards accepted:
MasterCard and Visa.